Healing spring water from our house-own spring in Bad Siess

The spring of Bad Siess was discovered around 1870. From then on the culture of bathing and wellness started. The curative water was used both for healing by drinking and for wellness baths. This water stimulates the appetite and is used especially to treat rheumatism and for skin care. The water spring is located 20 minutes' walk above Bad Siess, from where it flows in constant abundance from a rock. The water temperature at the spring is constant in all seasons of the year and measures 6.7 °C. The water is clear and transparent and does not become cloudy even after heavy rainfall. This proves that the water originates in the deep soil.
The low mineral content of the water makes it appear very smooth and sweet when you drink it. Hence the name Bad Siess (literally "Bad" in German means "bath" and "Siess" is the dialect word for "sweet"). In addition, the water has a slightly astringent and contractile effect on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, caused by the alkaline salts present in the water. The major mineral components are natrium, calcium, magnesium salts and metasilic acid. Noteworthy is the fact that the water is absolutely and strictly neutral, neither acidic nor basic, and that its density is slightly lower than that of normal water.
In Bad Siess we still only use the water of the healing spring.

South Tyrolean water baths with the spring water of Bad Siess

Herbal bath A bath in the spring water of Bad Siess with high-quality herbs for relaxation, vitalization or harmonization of body, mind and soul. Choose from our wide herb selection, adapted to your needs, in order to increase your personal wellbeing. Our qualified staff will be happy to help you make an optimal choice. Rose blossom bath The irresistible and sensual rose blossom bath will take you into an unthinkable sensory world.
Mountain pine bath After a mountain pine bath you will feel cheerful and refreshed, fit and lively! Juniper bath A juniper bath helps you reduce water retention in your tissues and to relax your muscles and joints.
Antistress bath The enjoyment of an orange and lavender bath provides peace, harmony and relaxation for body and mind.
Goat milk bath Care and relaxation bath for dry skin with many fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.
All baths last about 25 min. 32 €, one bath for two: 48 €

Sauna with view to the Sciliar/Schlern on the Renon/Ritten

A sauna for all needs
Finnish Sauna Temperature: 90°C – 100°C Humidity: 3% – 6% Cleans and nourishes the skin, stimulates blood circulation, soothes the nerves, flushes out toxins and strengthens the immune system.
Herbal steam bath Temperature: 50°C – 60°C Humidity: 38% – 45% Pleasant temperatures, high humidity and aromatic healing herbs.
Thermarium Temperature: 40°C – 55°C Humidity: 10% – 20% A gentle sauna to recover from everyday stress and physical effort.
Vitarium Temperature: 40°C Humidity: 30% For rheumatic complaints, colds, muscle tension and sleep disorders.
Relaxation room Tea/Beverage
Duration: 1 h 30 min.: 16,50 €

Massages with essential oils from South Tyrol

100% pure essential oils to pamper all your senses Balancing and deeply relaxing, this precious massage gives you a feeling of complete harmony. The combination of the purest essential oils and high-quality vegetable oils turns the soothing hand touch into a truly relaxing scent experience.
VITALITY Get strength - to increase mental & physical energy The warmth and the stimulating properties of rosemary and cypress create a feeling of inner balance. The power of lemon and grapefruit gives you new mental and physical energy.
AROMIA Antistress - for relaxation & wellbeing This wonderful massage with organic marigold oil is particularly protective for sensitive skin. Enriched with essences of Swiss stone pine and spruce, it soothes the inner rhythm of body and mind.
BALANCE Inner balance – gives you peace & serenity Enjoy the warming properties of St. John's wort and juniper oil. Mental and muscular tensions are as if blown away by the wind.
Alpicare massages
Relax & enjoy - Marigold & Camomile Marigold & camomile, the ideal care for stressed skin. Treat yourself to this alpine beauty, calming & regenerating massage.
Relax & enjoy - Apple & Rose hip Apple & rose hip, a special care for mature skin. This alpine beauty massage gives your skin elasticity and new freshness.
Regenerative & active - Arnica & St. John’s wort Feel the revitalizing power of the sun plants. This healthy package gives your tired joints and muscles new fitness. The power of the arnica & St. John's wort active ingredient complex reduces stress and relieves tension.
Partial massage, ca. 25 min.: 29 € | Full-body massage, ca. 50 min.: 52 €

Quality peelings from South Tyrol

For velvety smooth and silky skin. A pleasant massage with a peeling cream with microparticles to remove dead skin flakes, thus enabling the skin to regenerate optimally. Ideal as preparation for massages, body packs, baths or particular body treatments.
- Rose peeling - Hay peeling - Apricot/mountain pine peeling - Classic mountain salt peeling - Renon honey peeling
Peeling ca. 20 min.: 26 €
Peeling with body treatment ca. 50 min.: 43 €